Car Insurance Quotes

auto insurance quotesTrying to find the best car insurance quotes is probably not your list of favorite things to do. Gathering multiple quotes can take forever, when you do not know where to start. Fortunately, has a solution. Simply enter your Zip Code in the box above to begin. You will get a list of the best car insurance companies near you. Comparing quotes from these companies will allow you to get affordable auto insurance within minutes. has partnered up with the best auto insurers in all states to provide you with this easy comparison. We hand-picked only large and small companies that have a good track record of providing a good quality service and also do not charge their customers arm and leg for it. In other words, when comparing quotes here, you will be able to get the best balance of quality and price.

How to Get Lowest Car Insurance Rates

While getting auto insurance quotes online is a good way to get cheap car insurance, here is a comprehensive list of tips that can lower your premiums even more. First let’s look at tips that are very simple to implement for most drivers!

Easy-to-Implement Car Insurance Tips

  1. Increase your deductibles. Setting your deductibles higher decreases the cost of comprehensive and collision coverages.
  2. Bundle all of your insurance policies together. Putting all drivers and all vehicles in the household under one policy qualifies you for multi-vehicles car insurance discount. You can take it a step further and put your homeowners or renters insurance policy under the same provider. This way you can get the benefit of multi-policy car insurance discount.
  3. Get all discounts you can. Car insurers carry a large number of various discounts. For example, high-school and college students can get Good Student discounts if they maintain an average of B or above. A lot of the drivers are also able to get a group discount, if they are affiliated with a certain professional organization or are college alumni. For example, if you are a Professional Engineer and are a member of Professional Engineer’s Society in your State, you are most likely eligible for a discount through certain car insurance companies.
  4. Purchase only the types of coverages you need. It is important to educate yourself about different types of coverages such as liability, comprehensive and collision. While liability is mandatory in most states, other types of coverage are optional. Make an educated decision if you really need them. For more information about collision and comprehensive coverages go here.
  5. Get 3rd party car insurance coverage. If you drive a vehicle that has lost most of its value and is worth $5,000 or less, you can probably get rid of collision and comprehensive coverages and go for third party car insurance. You can get more information about Third-Party vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance here.

Some Harder-to-Implement Car Insurance Tips

  1. Buy a vehicle that is affordable on insurance. Perhaps you are not ready to purchase a car right now, but when you are, ensure to get car insurance quotes for various car models that you are interested in. You might find that there is a pretty big difference in premiums from model to model. Also do not believe a misconception that cheaper vehicles are more affordable to insure than more expensive ones. In some cases a relatively inexpensive sporty vehicle can have very high premiums, simply because it is popular among young aggressive drivers.
  2. Park your vehicle in the garage instead of street. Parking your car in a garage can greatly reduce comprehensive coverage.
  3. Move to an area that has cheaper car insurance premiums. Some areas simply have much better statistics of crime, auto collisions, car theft and vandalism than others. This is why moving to a good area can in some cases slash your premium in half. It is also important to note that car insurance tends to be cheaper if you live in a smaller town than if you leave in a heart of a megapolis like New York or Los Angeles.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes to Get Cheap Car Insurance

It cannot be stressed enough, that no matter what kind of coverage you are getting the most important is to shop around and compare prices. You would be surprised how much is the difference can be in some cases. There are many drivers out there that pay double what they should, because they didn’t take time to do a proper price comparison. However, with advancement of the online technologies, everyone has a chance to get the cheapest possible car insurance. So go ahead and submit your Zip Code to begin shopping for vehicles insurance the smart way!